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‘Tis The Season…Of Shopping & New Trends

The holiday season is crazy for everyone—retailers and consumers alike. Here are some predictions around the shopping season.

  1. Black Friday social conversations are up 20%
  2. 82.8% of the 77,000 #BlackFriday tweets were negative with just 14.4% positive.
  3. Walmart has been in 38% of tweets about retailers
  4. Millennials will spend an average of $352 on holiday shopping this season, with their mom being the primary receiver
  5. 47% of US internet users claim that holiday ads running prior to November 4 are influential
  6. It is projected that holiday retail sales by nearly 6% this year

These stats are important pieces of information for companies to keep in mind while going into this holiday season. It could be make or break with how well they reach their target markets.

Happy shopping!