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Shop Til We Drop…Even On Social Media

Black Friday has come & gone, indicating the real start of the holiday shopping season. This year, it is predicted that even more shopping will be done online versus in store. Due to this, social media will be an even larger factor than previous years. Twitter’s head of retail has forecasted 5 trends he expects to see this year. They are:

  1. Brands will be more visual than ever, utilizing GIFs, videos, and images.
  2. Brands are creating their own moments to shop. Black Friday is no longer the only reason customers are visiting stores. Companies like REI & Nike are creating campaigns such as #OptOutside and #GetOutThere to encourage consumers to buy their products on some of the slower shopping days.
  3. Brands are collaborating more and more, especially with internet celebrities.
  4. Brands need to be more personalized than ever before, creating highly personalized and customized audiences for their ads.
  5. Brands need to realize that data-driven insights are critical.

Will all of these predictions be 100% accurate? Maybe not, but they do seem to align with what we’ve seen so far & it’s still a good guide for brands to follow.

How social media is affecting shopping more than ever.