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Twitter Photos Get Social

If you’ve updated the Twitter app on your Android or iPhone, you might have noticed that Twitter has added some upgrades.

With an emphasis on visual marketing, Twitter photos now have two new features: now offers two photo features: tagging people and sharing multiple photos in one tweet. Both of these features will display in embedded tweets, but don’t worry, they won’t take away from your 140-character limit. Both new features will also display in embedded tweets.

Tag up to 10 People in a Photo: Instead of wasting characters tagging someone in a tweet, you can now simply tag them in a photo. This can make conversations about photos fun and easy, and it doesn’t affect the character count. If you don’t want to be tagged in photos, you can adjust that in your Settings. To tag someone in a photo, tap “Who’s in this photo” and type in a full name or @username. That’s it!

Share up to Four Photos in One Tweet: The new Twitter collage lets you share up to four photos in a single tweet. When it appears in your timeline, it will show up in a shareable preview collage. Here is a great example of how one user tested out the new feature:

So how can you harness the power of the new Twitter photo features? Here are four examples of ways to use them for business:

  • Offer a content preview. If you want people to sign up for an email list or click on a landing page, create a photo collage that gives your audience a sneak peek of what they’ll get if they give you their information. If there is an attractive incentive, your customers will be more likely to give you their email or other information.
  • How-to photos. It has been proven that how-to videos are wildly popular (take a look at Lowe’s Fix in Six Vine videos), so why not use this same idea with photos? Show your audience how to do something related to your industry in four photos, which will hopefully lead to them checking out your website or blog.
  • Contests. Use a photo collage for a Twitter contest. Have your audience submit photos for a contest, but then let Twitter pick the final winner! Showcase your top four submissions in a photo collage and have your audience decide who the winner is. This not only gets your more engagement but it lets your audience know that you care about their opinion.
  • Ask for feedback. Let’s say your business is going through rebranding and you would like to get your customers’ feedback on the new design. A photo collage is a great way to put up ideas you’re toying with and get a free poll from your audience.

As of now, these features are only available via mobile, but hopefully desktop will catch up soon! Have you tried out these new Twitter features yet? We want to know how you have used the new Twitter photo features, let us know in the comments section!