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Universal App Campaigns

AdWords Universal App Campaigns Outplace App-Install Campaigns

Thanks to Google AdWords, driving mobile app downloads is easier than ever. Originally the only option on AdWords for an app campaign was their manual app-install campaigns. With the launch of their Universal App Campaigns (UAC) two years ago, things have become even more a breeze. Now, AdWords is moving all app-install ads under the UAC umbrella, putting Google in the driver’s seat.

There are many differences between the two campaigns; however, Google hopes to make things easier for advertisers by giving them less control. With all mobile app campaigns now part of UAC, Advertisers will no longer get to view performance data for many levels or manually adjust their bids. Basically, mobile app-install campaigns allow advertisers complete control over when, where and how to optimize. Starting October 16 Universal App Campaigns are taking over, and advertisers will be able to do nothing but sit back and watch.

Google justifies this transition because 50% of all app downloads are already driven by UAC’s. They say one factor behind this performance is UAC’s ability to bid and optimize against a range of goals. The image above talks about the benefits of Univeral App Campaigns compared to app-installs including reach, relevance, and results. This shift to just UAC from mobile app-install says one thing about the direction Google and other networks are headed, and that is automation, goal-based bidding, machine learning and auto optimization. This should simplify and improve performance on many different levels.

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