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What is Datally?

What is Datally you ask? Google’s newest app designed to help you manage and understand your data usage. It can be a struggle to stay within your data limits, especially when one “rogue” app has the capability to drain all your data.  With Datally, you can control your data usage in a way that hasn’t been there before.

Datally tracks your usage by app and time. You can see how much data you used, when, and on what app.  This app helps you control your data with its ‘Data Saver’ feature. With a VPN, Datally can control which background apps have access to data, and by default, none of your apps can. When Data Saver is activated only the apps that you open in the foreground will have data access. So if you are looking to cut back on data this will certainly help.

The app will show you how much data you are using in a current session and gives you the option to completely block certain apps. The app is free to everyone to use however they please. If you don’t want to block apps, you don’t have to. The app will continue to track all your data and provide insight that help you manage your usage.

Download Datally here with Google Play. All news articles of this app’s release say that the app is available to everyone; however, I cannot find the app on the Apple store at the moment. Once it becomes available to the iPhone I will include a download link here.

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