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Brands are Putting More Eggs in the Digital Basket

At the end of each year, brands and agencies are working hard to prepare for Q1 of the next year. And, every year they are adjusting their marketing budgets based on trends in the industry. One major trend going into Q1 of 2018 is upping your digital spend and decreasing spend in traditional marketing areas. Brands are seeing that digital matters more than other efforts today. Let’s take a look at Evian and why they spent 80% of their marketing budget on digital in 2017. 

Evian is putting almost all their eggs in the digital basket. They rely on Snapchat, Instagram and Influencer Marketing. The brand used to focus on the quality of their product and how “pure” their water is. But, this type of information is not what people are looking for anymore. Evian has adjusted and began targeting lifestyle moments. They are serving their water at high-end events, restaurants, and hotels. Evian says, “A bottle of water is an extension of who are you and what you talk about.” With 80% of their spend in the digital realm, Evian is about to showcase their lifestyle and captivate people in ways not possible with their past traditional efforts.

Oliva Sanchez, VP of marketing for Evian parent Danone Waters says that social media and search marketing are the most cost-efficient platforms in reaching the “coveted millennial set that is likelier to reach for water than soda”. “I think Snapchat is a competitive platform if your goal is reach in a targeted market,” Olivia added. “I wouldn’t say that Snapchat’s reach is more expensive than other platforms because it is extremely interactive and has very engaged users.”

Evian integrated their physical product with Snapchat by simply adding a snap code on the label of millions of their bottles. Once scanned, customers were directed to a special Snap chat lense that let them dance in a baby onesie (Not sure I understand why a baby onesie was the choice they went with, but it worked). Over 27.3 million US people and 42% of all Snapchat users tried this filter!!  Once seeing the success of their branded filter, they created a mobile game. Users travel through a maze and grab Evian bottles on the by swiping left and right (Similar to Temple Run). Once they earn 1,000 points in the game the can unlock the branded Evian filter.

When it comes to Instagram, Evian live-broadcasts events via stories and partners with fashion influencers. Sanchez says that fashion and Evian just go together because the water brand is served to models when they get ready for shows and at upscale restaurants. “Water expresses who you are, just like fashion.” with Snapchat, Search, Instagram, and Influencer Marketing, Evian’s 2017 was a successful one and they don’t plan on decreasing their digital spend anytime soon.

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