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Without Net Neutrality, There Will be Less Awesome Art

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In the possible midst of the internet completely changing as we know it, people from all walks of life are concerned. Mostly because we don’t know how to fight for our vote in the matter. Do we even have one?

Now, musicians and bands are expressing their rage to the mainstream media. DJ Rachel Gren, R.E.M. pop-rocker Michael Stripe, Jazz musician Charlie Hunter, and punk band Downtown Boys have agreed that Title II (Our current FCC rules) will keep dominating ISP’s from promoting or deciding what information is available on the web.

Ending net neutrality threatens art and creativity of artists and musicians. “The open internet lets artists reach each other and audiences across the world in unprecedented ways. We are able to collaborate, learn, improve our worlds, participate in our society, and bring the things we love to people who are moved by them.”

The decision to end net neutrality comes down to five FFC commissioners. Three of which are Republican, and two Democrats.

“Without net neutrality, there will be less awesome art. Period”

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