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Be Where Your Customers Are. Setting up Facebook Locations

Micro-moments are the way of today’s world. But it is more than just moments; it’s also content. The one size doesn’t fit all mentality can be applied to every part of marketing. Facebook understood this and crafted a solution for brands who know one-page won’t fit all and that managing many pages can be the absolute worst. Enter Facebook Locations.If your business has multiple locations, Facebook has a tool that will allow you to be hyper local and give your local clientele the info and content they want and need. This management tool will not only allow you to seamlessly hop around from page to page, but if you want to post a status update on each of your location pages, all you have to do is post on the main account page and then have every other page repost. Easy Peasy!

Customers Find Your Business Faster

One of the perks of Locations is it lets you not only manage all the locations at once, but also list all your locations on Facebook so they can be easily found in a Facebook search or when to look up and go to your main, or as I call it “corporate”, business Page. This is especially important for people using their mobile phone to find information on the go.

Facebook’s goal is to make it so you essentially never have to leave the site to find what you are looking for. The longer you are on Facebook, the more ads they can show you and the more data they can collect. So essentially the goal of Facebook Locations is to compete with Google maps, (not including directions).

Setting Up Facebook Locations. 

To set up Locations, first you must have Admin or Editor permission of every Facebook page you wish to add.

  • Step 1
    Remove any address and contact info that is on the page you wish to make the main “corporate” page. This will serve as the Mother page.
  • Step 2
    Your next move is to head over to their Request Access Portal to begin the process. By filling out the Request Locations Access Form.
  • Step 3
    Once you fill out the form you’ll have to wait. This could day anywhere from 1 hour to 5 Days depending on the mood Facebook is in at the time. When you get approved you will get an email that looks like this…
  • Step 4
    Once approved, go to the Settings tab of your main Facebook page. Select “Locations” from the menu on the left-hand side of the page. This is where you can add a location, import multiple locations or download the locations.
  • Step 5
    You can also set up the locations structure, add existing pages as locations or create new pages to associate.

Facebook Locations is just one of many products Facebook has rolled out in an attempt to converge the internet to a single platform like is being done with some social media in China. Facebook is ingraining itself more and more into our lives and personally I think its great. Messenger (for me and many people in my generation) has replaced texting, and when it can, actual phone calls. So I’m just going to call this now that messenger will be the next big ads platform.  For another example of how Facebook is taking over the internet,  the next time you click on an article from INSIDE Facebook, look to the top right of your phone. You’ll notice that you never actually left Facebook and are browsing the internet on Facebook itself, which they will never say it but is their ultimate goal.