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Take The Toxic Off Your Social Media

Do you ever get tired of seeing nasty comments on social media posts? People that voice their opinion negatively can crowd the internet with toxic conversation. Twitter, Facebook, and other sites have already taken steps to avoid negativity, but Google recently took a huge leap towards creating a positive environment for users with the release of their Perspective API

This new tool was created by Jigsaw, a Google-bases incubator, and Google’s Counter Abuse Technology. Perspective actively monitors conversations in real time and assigns scores to comments depending on how “toxic” the content may seem. The levels of toxicity were scored by internet users who rated comments on a scale of “very toxic” to “very healthy.” You decide what you want to see by choosing your ideal level of toxicity on the scale.  The goal of Perspective is to make users want to stay online without having to read every bit of toxic content thrown their way. Do you think you would use a tool like this?