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Why Your Business Should Use Digital Marketing

Why Your Business Should Use Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is more than just posting on Facebook once or twice a day. It’s having a mobile friendly website for better user experience. It’s optimizing keywords for better SEO performance (and there are different kinds of SEO too!). According to Hubspot, Digital marketing “is an umbrella term for all your online marketing efforts. Businesses leverage digital channels such as Google search, social, media, email, and their websites to connect with their current and prospective customers.” Pretty simple huh?

The stats behind the proper use and optimization of digital marketing are astounding. So why should you use digital? Let’s get to it.

Better Understanding of Your Audience

There are many digital tools that allow you to better understand your audience and customers. Tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Audience Insights give you a better understanding of who is visiting your website and social media.

Google Analytics allows you to see your website visitors in real time. In just a quick snapshot, you can see who is on your site, and how they got there. From the audience tab, you can learn so much about your website users! Here’s just a few: age, gender, location, language, interests (such as if they enjoy shopping, music, traveling, TV, etc.), what kind of device they were using, if they are a new or returning user, and much more! With all this information, you can get to know the audience that is visiting your site. This information is crucial to help build your campaigns that will better align with your audience. You can also figure out whom you are missing in your targeting. With Google Analytics, you can discover key findings of what keywords you are best ranking for, which online campaigns are bringing the most traffic and conversions, and which ones should probably be ditched. Keep using those campaigns, and make them even better! More conversions = better ROI for you and your business.

Why Your Business Should Use Digital Marketing

While Google Analytics helps you learn more about your website audience, Facebook Audience Insights helps you understand who is interacting with you on Facebook. Facebook Audience Insights gives you similar information to Google Analytics. This includes your user’s demographics, interests, jobs, and behaviors. Use this information to alter or create messages that are meaningful to your users.

Ultimately, use digital tools to understand who your current audience is, who you’re missing, and then craft optimal messages that will help attract customers and bring you business!

Be Where Your Customers Are

Now that you understand where your customers are, be there! Leverage what you know to gain even more customers. You have the understanding to better engage your customers.Why Your Business Should Use Digital Marketing

With Facebook, you’re targeting people. Facebook ads are proactive, where you are trying to get in front of customers and grow awareness for your business. You can use a lead generation or page likes ads to grow your prospective audience. Engage your audience with email marketing or targeted ads. Be proactive in showing your customers what you have to offer and get your name out there!

With Google AdWords, you are targeting search intent. AdWords is more reactive, where you are looking to engage those that are actively searching for some product or service. You want to be the first item a user sees when they search for something. These users have a need, and you have a way to fulfill that need. Using your knowledge from analytics tools, you can determine the best keywords to use that lead to conversions. If you aren’t ranking for your targeted keywords, you may be losing potential customers.

If you’re also using Facebook ads to target these same prospects, odds are they will recognize your brand and be more inclined to click on your ad. Utilize a multi-touch marketing concept to get your brand in front of prospects as much as possible. The Rule of Seven says that prospects need to hear a message seven times before they will act on buying a product or service. With social media and a multi-touch marketing strategy, it is much easier to reach your prospects seven times. So, get out there and be in front of your prospects.

Cheaper ROI in Real Time

Compared to other promotional options, digital marketing is relatively cheap. Not only that, but you can see the results in real time. With newspaper, TV ads or billboards, you can’t tell how well it is working until you start gaining sales (and who’s to say that is even how they learned about your business). But with digital, you can see what campaigns are driving engagement and conversions and which ones aren’t.

The other day I was driving through town and I saw a billboard for a lawn care business. It had a cute bee cutting grass on it with a caption that read “Weekends Should Be For FUN!” with the name of the company and “mowing, mulch & more” on another part of the billboard. It was cute and simple, and I definitely got their point. I should hire them so that I can spend less time working in my yard and more time having on the weekends. But here’s the thing. I don’t need to take care of a yard because I live in an apartment. That ad does nothing for me because I have no need for it. How many people drive past that billboard that do not care? But, let’s take that same ad and put it in as a Google ad or Facebook ad. They can use very specific detailed targeting to get in front of the people that actually matter. And I can bet that it’s going to cost you a lot less per click than that billboard will!

Use digital marketing to leverage your business. Get to know your audience, be where they are, and decrease your costs. Interested in learning more about digital marketing and how to get started or improve? Let StrataBlue help take the guesswork out of your digital marketing strategy. Contact us today for a free 30-minute consultation.