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Chatbots: An Evolution

Facebook has bet big on chatbots. Many companies are incorporating chatbots into Messenger for easily helping users find what they need. Expedia has utilized its chatbot to help customers find the best hotels for their next trip. The use of chatbots is a huge opportunity for streamlining the travel experience, but what could be improved?

In the past 8 months, Expedia’s chatbot was set up to provide users five different options of hotel stays when searching their destination. But most of the inquiries were actually for customer service. The bot does not have capabilities to answer these types of questions, and users are sent to the brand’s main site. The bot also struggles with understanding synonyms and similar phrases. Expedia is testing its bot for furthering its capabilities in order to keep users engaged. Learn more about Expedia’s experience with chatbots here! Do you like using chatbots when contacting companies?