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Is Facebook still the leading social media platform for advertisers?

It’s no surprise that Facebook’s carousel ads are a hit. They are new and almost any new product tends to get great reception and good adoption. It’s when these ads have been around for a while that really proves their success. So, are carousel ads going to remain successful? For now, 1 percent of uses are clicking through carousel ads in their timeline. While this sounds like a small number, it’s actually a dramatically larger number than the average 0.1 percent click through rate on static ads on the same platform.

As if learning how to use the new carousel ads wasn’t enough for marketers, they are facing two additional issues on top of that, the first being adblocking. Since carousel ads are native to mobile, advertisers are forced to figure out ways around the recent adblock phenomenon. Secondly, Instagram. Since the release of Instagram advertising, some brands are switching a large chunk of their advertising budget to the photo sharing platform. Less drastically, other companies are mixing the two. Some even seem to have found an effective mix, involving first targeting their customers with a static ad on Instagram and then retargeting them with a carousel ad on Facebook.

With all the new forms of advertising and advancements in adblocking, is Facebook going to be able to stay as relevant?