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Mobile Marketing on the Rise in 2013

With the popularity of smartphones on the rise, users are carrying social networks with them everywhere they go, from home to the office to a night on the town. Mobile marketing is an opportune market for you!

 Maybe you’re checking in on Foursquare at the movie theater, getting 20% off the tickets as a Foursquare offer. Maybe you’re downtown and use Yelp to find a restaurant for dinner, reading menu reviews or simply using it for GPS purposes. Maybe you just bought a new bike and Instagram a picture of your first ride to share with friends.

Whatever the reason, people are connecting on social platforms using smartphones all the time and mobile engagement is on the rise. According to Facebook, 600 million of their users use Facebook on a mobile device. Twitter reports 60% of their users engaging via mobile. It is predicted that by 2014, internet access via mobile will exceed desktop, which will have a huge effect on digital marketing.

Can you reach your customers on mobile?

Whether it is a business’s website, social media or online content, it needs to be optimized for mobile viewing. A business’s website should be mobile-friendly, giving an edge over the more old-fashioned competitors. This means that the mobile interface needs to be streamlining and fast-loading, which is especially true for visual platforms.

Mobile platforms on tablets and smartphones give customers a new way to gain media consumption and local services, giving businesses a chance to also take full advantage of GPS services.  The next step will be to find ways to squeeze in advertising on mobile devices.  Facebook and Twitter have taken the lead in experimenting on how to present the ads with solutions such as sponsored stories and promoted tweets.

Now that the primary focus of social networking is shifting from trying to gain followers and fans towards audience engagement, mobile engagement is a key factor. When it comes to reaching your target audience at the right moment with an important message, mobile is the platform of choice. Your customers want to stay connected and share, and they expect a simple and quick experience. Point in case, have a clean mobile site or an app that is easy for your customers to use.

No matter what kind of brand or business you have, keep the mobile users in mind, as mobile will be on the rise in 2013.