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Why Your Business Is Wrong In Targeting “Millennials”

Your business shouldn’t be targeting “millennials.” By that, I don’t mean that you shouldn’t be marketing to individuals within that age group. Rather, your business needs to stop thinking of all millennials as “millennials” and think of them as more than that.

Not all millennials are the same just because they are relatively the same age. In fact, the “millennial” age group is primarily divided into two different groups. First, you have those that are on the cusp of adulthood. These are the college students or recent graduates, probably born in the 1990s. For the most part, they are still financially dependent and are concentrated on themselves and their own needs and wants.

These younger millennials are completely different from the older millennials. These individuals, probably born in the 1980s, are different in many ways, but the most obvious is that they are usually not alone. They have someone else they care for, whether that be a spouse, a child, or even just a pet. Due to that, these individuals are beginning to prioritize differently than when they were younger.

Even further, millennials often receive the stereotype of being completely different from their parents. Millennials are assumed to want to live in a big city. It is presumed that these individuals are renters, not wanting to subject themselves to a mortgage. However, studies have shown the inaccuracy of this. If the largest stereotypes about millennials are false, just imagine what else we think about millennials is also untrue.

My point is that marketing to a generalized millennial will get your company nowhere. Instead, sit down and analyze what type of millennial you are trying to reach and then tailor your message accordingly. It will be more effective, I promise.

“Millennials” is not a real target group.