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Twitter Moments, Now Brought To You By Brands

A few weeks ago, Twitter released Twitter Moments as a way to try to grab casual users’ attention. This section gathers trending topics from throughout the world and compiles them for easy browsing. Now, as promised, the social media site has begun selling “Promoted Moments” to brands as another way to advertise on the site. The Promoted Moment was purchased by MGM, Warner Bros, and New Line Cinema as a way to promote their new film “Creed.”

In an attempt to be more competitive in a society where consumers are exposed to thousands of ads a day, advertisers are constantly looking for ways to get their brand name in front of consumers in a way they will notice. By purchasing a Promoted Moment, companies are sponsoring a stream within Twitter Moments where their brand will be featured. This stream will feature tweets, videos, and new stories, all remaining for 24 hours. Not only are these companies paying for the sponsorship, but Twitter is able to charge other advertisers more to place an ad within a Promoted Moment as it receives more engagement than other ads on the platform.

 Is this new way of advertising worth the money?