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Will emoji make it as a language?

Emojis. They’ve been around for a couple years now but have really taken off in 2015. They have caused people to go crazy over “missing” emojis and are even set to have their own film. These lovable images are used as a way to enhance our words, a way to communicate our emotions, and as a replacement for forms of non-verbal communication used with speech. But, are they going to become more? Some headlines and individuals believe that emojis are an emerging language that may soon rival the English language in global usage. While this may sound crazy, it makes sense. Already, emojis are being used alone, replacing words completely. The only thing missing to make emoji its own language is grammar. A set of constraints on how to properly string together thoughts, words, ideas (or emojis) in a coherent way is necessary to be a real language.

If these grammar rules are ever put in place, there’s nothing left to stop emoji from being its own language.