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How to Optimize Your Job Search Online

College seniors are frantically job searching before their graduation in spring while others already in the professional world are looking for career changes. Job opportunities aren’t just being publicized in the “Now Hiring” section of the paper anymore. Here are four quick tips for you to use when job searching online:

  • Utilize the “List” tool on Twitter. Make the social media tool you use every day for news and updates help get you hired. After researching companies you’d like to work for, follow their accounts. Navigate to the “Lists” tab on Twitter, select “Create list” and name the list “Companies I’d Like to Work For.” Edit your settings and check the list to see of any posted openings or company news.

Twitter Lists

  • Don’t limit cover letters to paper. I secured an internship interview once by creating a video cover letter. Internships and job opportunities in the marketing, public relations and digital marketing industries are looking for creative thinkers that are beyond text on paper. Go through the extra effort to record and edit a video cover letter highlighting your skills and achievements. Aim for a video cover letter under 3 minutes that showcases your personality while being professional.


  • Create and maintain a professional website. Consider WordPress your ally in the war of job searching. If you haven’t acquired the skill set yet to create and maintain your own website, do so now. Having your own website is one of the best ways to highlight your writing ability, organize your portfolio pieces and resume and give yourself an advantage over other applicants. Best of all, most sites are free! Make time to allow daily, weekly or monthly maintenance to your site. Need an example of a well-crafted website? Check out our Graphic Designer’s professional website for inspiration.


  • Blog often and follow company sites and blogs. In the marketing, public relations and digital marketing industries, exceptional writing skills is one of the top requirements for applicants. Keeping a current blog through your professional website is a great way to highlight your writing abilities. Write about what interests you, news, or topics related to the profession you are seeking to secure. Now jump back to creating Twitter lists from tip one. Follow those companies’ blogs and websites and check frequently for posts using keywords such as “hiring.” You might stumble upon job opportunities, like this one here at StrataBlue.

Have other tips for job seekers that I didn’t mention above? Comment below or tag me on Twitter @whatupTUT to share your thoughts.